Composing Life
through music

Several million fibroblasts, music and a huge Argon/Krypton ion-laser.

Do our cells have the same taste of music as the body? Do heart cells themselves have a sense of rhythm and if they do how will cells of this muscular organ responsible for the rhythm of our life react to other rhythms? Do cells understand the concept of good and bad taste? Can we guide cell growth by music? Can we compose sheet music for growing heart valves?

With ‘Composing Life’, Essaïdi explores the origin of our feeling for timing, rhythms, frequency and harmony.

Composing Life
Composing sheet music as the blueprint for growing tissue culture.

The feeling for music, where does this feeling come from? Is it related to the mechanics, shape and inner-workings of our hearing system, the structure of the brain that perceives these signals? Or is there a more basic reason why we find certain timing, rhythms, frequency and harmony to be interesting?

Different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation can have effects on cell growth, cell alignment, cell vitality & cell pro- liferation. For ‘composing life’ Essaidi proposed a controlled setting in which an in vitro culture of fibroblasts was exposed to music by transcribing audio waves to pulsed laser radiation in an attempt to guide its growth process.