Upcoming exhibition at the Dutch Design week.


Dutch Invertuals is a collective of individual designers.
Together they present their work in which their contemporary
viewpoints are expressed in images, objects, materials, insights and stories.

“We barely realize that sense of freedom goes hand in hand with vulnerability.
Almost unnoticed we shape a world around us without danger, a safe zone.
Nevertheless things happen to us we can’t control.”

With the exhibition ‘Untouchables’ we celebrate vulnerability.

2.6g 329m/s will be part of the exhibition from 21 October – 30 October 2011 at the Dutch Design week, Eindhoven.

These images are to be used for illustrative purposes of the project ’2.6g 329m/s’ by Jalila Essaïdi only and can be used if photographers credits by Raw Color and Dutch Invertuals 2011 are mentioned correctly with the images.
(medium resolution: zip | high resolution: zip)

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